“Vanya, Bibi and Barcelona” with the new collection “Ocean Dreams”

These girls are the prototype of the painting “The Four Cats of Barcelona”. You will ask why there are three of us. Just the fourth decided to stay in Barcelona for longer.
Here is the story again.

We were looking for a restaurant in Barcelona. We were four friends and we were looking for something really tasty and good. We found ourselves in a very popular restaurant called – “4 Cats”. Once upon a time, there was a unique pub in Barcelona, ​​The Four Cats, which opened in 1897 in the Gothic Quarter of 3 Montsio Street. The Catalan bohemian set out to make it a symbol of modernism. The 17 year old Picasso made a menu cover, painted visitors and hung paintings on the walls. Although his father was against it, he painted the menu in exchange for hot food. It was here that Picasso made his first exhibition. Although he did not sell anything, this exhibition brought him prestige among the intellectuals of the era.
The pub, which went bankrupt in 1903, is now a real money factory. It reopens after a hundred years of sleep with Picasso’s favorite menu. Prominent figures such as the Queen of Sweden and the Mayor of Barcelona still pass through it, and there are countless cultural figures. Today, hanging in the great hall, you can see 25 reproductions of Picasso representing the permanent exhibition of the “museum”.

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia architect regularly drank coffee there, and the poet Ruben Dario conducted. literary discussions. In the 1990s, the Spanish holding company Grupo Ferre acquired the rights to the pub and revived the cultural tradition. Exhibitions and literary talks are organized there every month.

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