Galleria della Luce di Roma

The place where it all started. The gallery that gave us a lot and took something from us. A Roman epic worthy of the plot of a film, revealing in depth its intriguing whole. Unforgettable moments, new friendships, exciting meetings, memorable events and awareness of truths in the natural transience of things.
It is said that patience is rewarded, and the path of great dreams always leads to a new beginning. It is more important not to have a great dream, but the courage to try to achieve it.
Galleria della Luce di Roma was established in 2017 in order to present the new trends in European art. It was located in the center of Rome, in the artistic district of Trastevere, declared a cultural monument under the protection of UNESCO. The main task of the gallery was to present the best of BULGARIAN CULTURE and to be a meeting place for Bulgarian and Italian talents in the art world in the beautiful capital of Italy. Founded as the only Bulgarian gallery in Rome, the policy of the Galleria della Luce was to present mostly established names from the Bulgarian scene. Today, the gallery exists virtually and only some of the events take place in various art salons in the city of Rome.

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