Clams as a “tasty” accessory

We all know that mussels are one of the most common families of mollusks known as edible shellfish. They are widespread throughout the world and enjoy great popularity in cooking. They choose the coastal sea and ocean shoals for their habitats. In restaurants, mussels are considered an elegant delicacy, have certain health benefits and have long been known as a very strong aphrodisiac. Do not confuse mussels with oysters. The latter have a special muscle that keeps the shell closed and extracting the meat becomes difficult, while with mussels it is easy and even very pleasant. Consuming them becomes a real pleasure. I love mussels prepared in a variety of ways. And to cook them, as it occurs to me, anyway, with or without a shell and to invent delicacies is one of my favorite culinary activities.

Recently I decided to experiment in another way. I took the mussel out of the kitchen table and, with a little imagination, paint and varnish, changed its charming usual status. Well, it’s not a new discovery, because it has long been known that mussels are also used as jewelry, and mussel accessories are a gentle and exotic addition to the summer outfit. But it is my new discovery. A beautiful activity that charges and inspires me. I choose the shapes, patterns and colors. My sensations and mood are tolerated like a sea wave, flowing from turquoise green to golden with a hint of salt foam.

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